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Our Story

My husband and I love nature. Before moving to Kent Island, we were avid hikers and backpackers in Arizona. We began adding to our trips by identifying and foraging wild foods. It's amazing how abundant, but at the same time delicate, nature is. We began to think of ways that we could do our part to care for the Earth and ourselves by using natural products and reducing waste.

After the move to Kent Island, we began growing our own food and herbs in earnest. We cracked the books and studied the wild plants native to our new home. Soon we began preserving our harvests, making our own body care, and herbal supplement products. Living this way made us feel like we were making a tiny difference, but if we found a way to share what we learn and to sell what we make, we could create a bigger impact. Plus, any money we make helps to fund our gardening addiction!

Most of the products we make and sell in our shop come from our garden, our neighbor's gardens, wild-harvested, or sourced from organic businesses such as Rose Mountain Herbs, Anthony’s Organics, and StarWest Botanicals. We don't use any chemical pest control. Instead, we encourage helpful insects, toads, and spiders to come live in our yard and feast on the bugs that would feast on our plants. We fertilize with compost and other natural soil enhancers. Not only do we not want to ingest any chemical additives, but we don't want to poison the delicate Chesapeake Bay area that we live in.

All of our products are in limited supply and created in small batches because we use what is fresh and seasonally available in our garden, and we don’t use any artificial preservatives or chemicals to extend shelf life. Our products are fresh, organic, and natural. If we don’t have something that you’re looking for, or if you’d like a variation of a product we make, please let us know. We’ll be happy to create something custom for you. 

Thanks for visiting us at the market and supporting small local businesses!

Natalie Beneventi